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What do we do with? Scraps from 800 Masks?

Kehingivintage has been selling masks and we are a team of three working to create enough masks for the demand we get - plus donate as much as we can, given the energy we have to do so - we have donated close to 200 masks! So what happens to all the scraps from the masks that are three sizes and dozens of varied fabrics? Fabric comes in 42 by 36 or 39 inches! Not set to mask sizes. So we have scraps that are anywhere from .5 inches to 5.5 inches and various lengths. We are determined not to throw out any, nor any of the ends of ribbon, bias tape, elastic, etc. So far we have sent three packs of ispy quilt 5 x5 scraps to three grandma quilters making quilts for little ones, a full large envelope of 1.5 inch scraps to someone making a "postage stamp sized"squares quilt, another envelope to a woman making a hunting forest themed quilt for her husband, an artist who makes teeny quilted artworks using the fussy cut method of quilting, and a sewer who wanted scraps of buttefly fabric. This has all been done for postage only via the fun facebbook group Fabric Relocation Station. Also we have five shoeboxes full of smaller pieces for a public art project I will be doing with other members of the Eagle and Condor Collective a group of elders, artists, musicians, seedkeepers, traditional teachers and allies, which I founded in 2017. So we can honestly say we keep use every scrap. Sustainability in business is the only choice at this point on our small beautiful sacred planet - whether you are a team of three or a corporation, public entity or non profit, sustainability means figuring out what to do with your post production offcasts. At kehingivintage we are committed to this approach. Msit No'kmaw - We are all connected

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