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Stories my artworks share

The Wampum told Us5.jpg
The Wampum Tells Us

This series of works are from sketched I do when listening elders speak about topics of interest to me. These three works are all from sketches done at the Indigenous Coalition for the Environment conference in 2006 when elders from across the Americas met and talked in circle about the eco crisis that our phrophecies predicated would happen. The elders spoke of water now being sold, rivers being damed, forests being clearcut and the changes that would come with global warming. They talked about how ecosystems would continue to be destroyed and that we would need to leave capitalism and consumption based value systems and return to Indigenous ways of knowing if our planet was to continue to be able to support human life. They also talked about how Mother Earth would start to cleanse herself through huge eco disasters. These artwork portray my reactions to their teachings. I grew up when you could drink water from the rivers and streams and that has changed. The glaciers and polar ice caps are melting and water is now a commodity on the resource market financial system. We need to start seeing water as life giving and stop seeing it as a resource to be extracted.

The Wampum told Us4.jpg
The Wampum told Us2.jpg
The Wampum told Us3.jpg
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