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The Collective

In 2017 Marg started another initiative that seeks to support the dissemination of Indigenous knowledge in a good way. The Eagle and Condor Collective is a grass roots collective of artists, performers and knowledge carriers from the Americas. This collective has done activities such as a spiritual gathering, guerilla gardening and seed sharing of traditional medicinal plants and arts projects that bridge understandings while revitalizing Indigenous land based knowledge and the Arts. 

Visit our website for more info.

We are currently doing a Neighbourhood Arts project, Circles of Knowing that is hosted by CCOC. This involves Marg as well as Akawui and Edgar Hernandez as artists and several knowledge carriers. 

Marg and the team at the collective are available for workshops and visioning activities and can facilitate both arts based circles/workshops and circles with knowledge carriers from diverse Indigenous nations of the Americas.

email Marg at for more more info.

Marg Boyle began to advocate for Indigenous specific curriculum and courses in 2000. In 2004 she was the first educator in the National Capital region to offer Indigenous Studies in a regular high school. She went on to teach five of the ten First Nations, Metis and Inuit Studies courses that can be offered in Ontario publically funded schools. Marg did many other initiatives in Indigenous education including starting a lodge program at an area high school in 2010, creating culture land based camps for area schools in 2009, offering Professional Development to teachers across Ontario stating in 2007, carrying a big drum for young men in her school, and partnering on over 21 initiatives as the Aboriginal Student Success teacher at Rideau High School. Marg Boyle face much racialized comments from other educators and resistance at many levels as the ripple that was making changes. She also found allies and connections that led to her deciding to start a province wide subject association for teachers involved in Indigenous Education. In 2008, Marg networked with a few other educators that were new to teaching this subject field and formed the provincial body that is the official voice for teachers of Indgenous languages in and FNIM Studies. She formed FNMIEAO so that teachers felt supported in advocating for authenticity in what was being taught about the nations of her ancestors and that Indigenous students had teachers who were more culturally proficient than those she had interacted with. Marg gave input to all major bodies involved in Indigenous education while working on writing projects as a consultant. She went on to lead FNMIEO into a place where she stepped away when it was substainable. FNMIEAO has gone on to be a leader in advocating for quality Indigenous education in that province. Visit FNMIEAO for more info. on what the current team is doing at that non-profit Marg Founded. 

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