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Puberty and Sexual Health

Indigenous Full Spectrum Doulas teach and support youth starting the changes puberty brings. They also assist both boys and girls in making healthy choices for safer sexual relations that are positive.

Fertility and Pregnancy 

Doulas can support you with fertility and during the weeks of Pregnancy. Full Spectrum doulas also support when there is loss during pregnancy. We are trained in traditional and Western supports. Birth plan writing is part of what we do. 

Labour and Post Partum

During labour a doula seeks to help you be more comfortable and to feel supported. This includes massage, bringing food, running errands and ensuring all know what is in your birth plan, and  going into the surgery if necessary. After the child is born we are still there when you need us!!

Menopause Supports

For Women, we have our moontime for upwards of fourty years! As our bodies change in perimenopause and menopause we can support eacch other! 

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