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Marg Boyle has been a professional artist for over thirty years and also has been an art educator in high schools, lecturer at three universities, taught at the Ottawa School of Art for ten years, juried and curated group shows, and organized artist events. Her artwork combines paint, mixed media, printing, sculpting and new media. She is also a drummer and singer, and traditional dancer and has performed in Canada and France. She is a traditional craftsperson and does beading, hidework, regalia/ribbon skirts, drum, rattle and conch shell horn making, quillwork, moose tufting and basketry. Marg learned to sew by hand at age 4 when she made purses for 4 of her dad's ten sisters. This gifting to her aunties led to her taking sewing courses on machines at age 14 and she had continued to sew clothing, accessories, powwow regalia and decor for the last fourty years. Marg is eclectic in her interests and believes in community development through the arts! She has done collaborative projects, public art pieces, organization of conferences and festivals and led dozens of workshops.

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