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Adapting a community based arts project to social distancing during a pandemic!

The Eagle and Condor Collective, which I founded in 2017 has received a grant to create art workshops, music workshops and elder talks for a neighbourhood in our city and the public launch is June 15th for this project! We will be publicizing more after the public launch and in order to do community based art during a pandemic we are needing creativity and patience. We were chosen by a jury but needed to adapt our original project to social distancing. So last week, myself and another artist, Edgar Hernandez started shooting short video clips to: 1. Introduce the project and 2. to do mini drawing workshops related to the theme for the first stage of this project: Circle of Life. This year long project will be formally announced soon but its theme the Circle of Knowing is intrinsically about sharing Indigenous knowledge about the land, the way we see ourselves in the cycles of life, and about how we as humans need to be more responsible for protecting and saving the sacred beautiful planet on which we live. I am exited by the challenge of doing things via social media, video conferencing, short video workshops and art kits for families in our target audiences while building bridges of understanding between Indigenous artists, musicians and knowledge carriers of the Americas and others who live on turtle island - Kakina ni dodem - I am brainstorming with Edgar while he shot this still at the Museum of Nature on unceded Alqonquin Anishinabeg traditional territory! Kuntur and Anka are working together on this innnovative project and my blog will share more soon. Msit No'gmaq

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