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Burned bits on Masks? HUM?

So when you have made jingle dresses with dozens of short ribbons/bias tape and made many ribbon skirts you have learned that if you want to sew with ribbons, you need to burn the end of EVERY piece you are sewing onto something or the ribbons will fray. I am onto the third lighter and given I have multiple chemical sensitivities caused by post consussion, I open the windows wide to do this. So If you buy a mask from my shop, you will notice that if it has ribbon ties (we are using what we can source as our next 400 mask elastics is stuck in a Canada Post sorting building in Mississauga. So how does burning the end look? Depends, synthetics like nylon or polyester ribbon just melt and roll but natural fiber ribbons like rayon and silk actually start on fired and the ends are ashy. We have now cut well over 1600 ribbon ties! This photo shows some vintage rayon ribbon from my stash of estate sale sewing finds!

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